Hermanos Unidos de UC Berkeley

est 1989

Nuestra Historia


Established December 12th 1989

Founding Fathers

Angel Ortiz

Eddie Duque

George Alva

Isais Martinez

The official colors of Hermanos Unidos are White & Brown

The official mascot of Hermanos Unidos is the intertwining serpents that are taken

from the historical flat stamp that is now Veracruz. It symbolizes the familia that

theorganization wants to create among its Chicano and Latino members. Just as the

serpent sheds its skin and it becomes something new, Hermanos Unidos will seek to

create the new Chicano and Latino man. One who is not only willing to stand up for

what is just for himself, but also for the Hermandad and his community. El Nuevo

Hombre who challenges the stereotypes placed upon him by others and confronts his

own prejudices.


          Hermanos Unidos was conceived as being the first Chicano and Latino  hermandad at  the University of California, Berkeley during the Fall semester of 1989. Hermanos Unidos was the name chosen for this familia to serve as a reminder of our goals and needs for out recognition. Although we are bound by common roots and experiences, many of us do not interact with one another on a personal level. This Familia is centered around creating a powerful and sensitive hermandad oriented towards Chicano and Latino cultures (i.e., the indigenous roots of our ancestors, and the modern day movimiento).

         Only by learning our history can we preserve it, understand it, and ultimately  add on to it. Hermanos Unidos will strengthen the movimiento as a whole by      working toward the self determination of the Chicano and Latino community.

        The three pillars of Hermanos Unidos are Academic, Community Service,          and Social Networking. Academic reflects the primary reason why an Hermano    attends an institution of higher learning: to receive a quality education.        Community Service represents an Hermano's commitment to comunity involvement   and giving back to those who helped us get to where we are today. Social      Networking will seek to make the transition from high school/community college         to undergraduate life less traumatic and more meaningful for incoming Hermanos.    The fulfillment of the three pillars leads to the development of                                  "El Nuevo Hombre", which is the individual and collective goal of this organization.

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