Hermanos Unidos de UC Berkeley

est 1989

Our Pillars


There is only one reason why Hermanos choose to continue their quest towards higher education and that is to better ourselves as students, professionals and people. That is why Hermanos Unidos UC Berkeley places academics above everything else.

Hermanos Unidos is dedicated and will act as an instrument to motivate, empower and assist other Hermanos in reaching their goal of graduation and future endeavors. At U.C. Berkeley, like many other educational institutions, Latino hombres begin their academic career with a fear of not knowing the challenges that await them and, unfortunately, it is that fear that may cause them to terminate their stay at U.C. Berkeley. Hermanos Unidos acknowledges that by virtue of being students, we are models for incoming students and those yet to come. Therefore, we strive to become positive role models for others and ourselves.

It is extremely easy to become lost in these institutions of higher learning and we, as Hermanos, must guide others to find their way. Being a member of HU is about sharing thoughts and giving support and, as a result, we will pave the way for creating "El Nuevo hombre." Hermanos Unidos UC Berkeley recognizes that people are all born with the potential to learn. We all grow and understand that our unique life experiences make us different people. Thus, we believe that higher education enhances our self-confidence and gives us a sense of security. Furthermore, education enhances and strengthens our intellectual thoughts. It is a tool for power, for future posterity, and foremost allows us to break negative stereotypes imposed by social interactions and institutions.

Community Service:

Hermanos Unidos U.C. Berkeley will by no means limit themselves in the community. As a Chicano/Latino hermandad, we will serve our people equally, as we would help our own familias. As Chicano/Latino students at the university, we will strive in becoming role models for our community and for each other. Whether it is dedicating our time to various activities or projects, Hermanos Unidos U.C. Berkeley is boundless in its decision to pursue just one goal. In not limiting ourselves, we plan to establish projects, help facilitate current activities, and also network with other organizations to create solidarity and fuerza as people. In this manner we can begin to create connections and further develop the name of Hermanos Unidos U.C. Berkeley as a dedicated community organization while reinforcing nuestra hermandad. Helping our community has no materialistic benefits and we recognize that it is not this materialistic benefit we are striving for. Rather it is to help our people and have them know that Hermanos Unidos U.C. Berkeley exists and is a resource to the community.

Social Network:

Hermanos Unidos will strive to be a pro-active organization in the advancement of our people and ourselves. Before we can successfully reach this goal as a group, or an hermandad, we must establish the bond that will endure through low and high times. This is why Hermanos Unidos U.C. Berkeley will make an effort to create a social ambiente. We will develop "Fuerza en la Hermandad"-- strength through a unified brotherhood. To empower nuestra hermandad, Hermanos Unidos U.C. Berkeley will engage in innumerable activities throughout the year. We will strive to create social events and interactions that will produce a powerful hermandad that will extend beyond graduation. Consequently, we will provide an environment where we will develop the ability to support, trust, and communicate amongst Hermanos and share our unique experiences that otherwise would be difficult to express. Retreats will be essential for the fulfillment of our social goals. In these retreats, we will escape from the pressures of mainstream society and discover and understand more about our hermandad and ourselves. Many get-togethers and fiestas will also serve in developing the unity in a festive, yet safe, trusting environment. At the end of the academic year, Hermanos Unidos U.C. Berkeley will host a banquet where we will reflect on our accomplishments and recognize our efforts as well as outstanding individuals and graduates. In addition, the constant "props," the appreciation and affirmation of other hermano, will maintain la Fuerza en la Hermandad.